by Shane Donnelly

Updated: Jun 1, 2017 Published: Jun 1, 2017

Between the constantly changing algorithms of Google, and the recent rise of ‘fake news’, start-ups and small businesses would be forgiven for thinking they face somewhat of an uphill battle to stay relevant in search suggestion rankings.

Combine this major headache with all the other considerations of running your own business, and the prospect of achieving high growth can certainly seem a daunting task.

Yet there’s one entrepreneur who’s unquestionably well versed in both the world of start-ups and Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and search marketing…Will Critchlow.

Described by many within the industry as the “thought leader of SEO”, Critchlow has scaled his business Distilled from kitchen table start-up to global company in a little over a decade.

Co-founding his online marketing agency alongside childhood friend Duncan Morris in 2005, the duo set-up shop in Morris’ front room – and Distilled would remain their for its first 18 months of existence.

Admitting the pair started out with “no money, no clients, no leads and no industry presence”, Critchlow says a distinct sense of curiosity was an early driving force in tough times – with the business only hiring its first employee in 2007.

Now with offices in London, New York and Seattle,  the once small start-up has achieved rapid growth in the past 12 years, and has achieved significant success since expanding into the events industry.

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